Case Study - Distribution

Toys Manufacturer

Sales Analysis and Food Distribution Management

Key Issues
1. Seasonal demand
2. Rigorous quality control
3. Understanding revenues and costs
4. Packaging
5. Slow moving stocks

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 80+
2. Global Revenue: US$80m
3. Country: Hong Kong SAR
4. Specializing in toy sales and manufacturing of miniature collectible toys
FlexSystem Solution
1. Trading Management
2. Financial Management
3. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. Need to closely match inventory to customer
2. Difficult to handle multi-level sales analysis
3. License fees are calculated manually
4. Tolling charges are handled manually
5. Difficult to match packaging $$ to ordering level
6. Materials balance for individual customer are kept manually
7. Unused stock materials and slow-moving goods were constantly increasing impacting profit
1. Full understanding of sales and costs with inventory tied closely to customers
2. Ability for system to handle ad hoc charges and to facilitate packaging costing's issue
3. Stock levels more closely managed with improved profit management
4. Significant reduction in time for issuing Notes to Accounts
5. 50% reduction in staff requirements
6. Detailed reporting at various levels
7. Easy cross-checking of account balances
8. Improved quality of information for fixed assets, intangible assets, segments, and other notes
9. Easy access to financial statements by sub-group classifications
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