Case Study - Hospitality / F&B


Creation of HR Processes and EO Compliant Payroll

Hospitality / F&B @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. New hotel so system and processes to be created
2. Solution must be future proofed
3. Must be “CSR” compliant and a Green Solution
4. Must be heavily automated to leverage technology and efficiency gains
5. Must facilitate onboarding of staff and the full recruitment process

Facts at a Glance
1. 300+ Staff Permanent
2. Global Revenue: Private
3. A leading Hotel that was created from ground zero including staff recruitment
FlexSystem Solution
1. Human Resources Management
2. Business Intelligence
Needs and Challenges
1. Must support management decision and approval process
2. Must implement comprehensive Employee Self Service (ESS) to reduce administration
3. Must handle explosive growth from almost nothing to 300 people
4. Minimum wage legislation and interpretation during roll out
5. Some scope changes at the last minute that needed to be incorporated in system
6. Must have full audit trail, comprehensive security levels, traceable records
7. Full monthly and ad hoc management reporting capability
1. Project completed on time and within budget
2. Hotel achieved independent “Green” award. Of course the system contributed as part of a bigger green undertaking by the Hotel
3. Improved staff work: life balance through ESS
4. An HR dimension to management reporting
5. Cost savings
6. Extensive automatic reconciliation capability allows staff to focus on key issues
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