Case Study - Hospitality / F&B

Restaurant Business

Understanding Revenues and Costs for Increased Profit

Hospitality / F&B @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Management of different brands
2. Determining product mix and profit mix across brands
3. Inconsistent data metrics
4. Strategic management reactive not pro active

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 4,000
2. Private
3. Country: Hong Kong SAR
4. A leading food and beverage operation with 8 chains and over 40 outlets
Customer Quote
“Now we collect and analyze operations data in a rigorous manner. Our management has eventually been connected to the real time business performance, which is vital to our lines of business”
FlexSystem Solution
1. Business Intelligence
2. Financial Management
3. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. Fast-paced, competitive business
2. Focus on cash flow, breakeven analysis, and financial evaluation
3. Factors affecting profit: daily covers, fixed costs, material costs, labor costs, events, holidays, weather
4. Two-week turnaround for daily analysis
5. Limited granularity in company performance review
6. Diverse outlets for point-of-sale data collection
7. Lack of consistent, homogeneous data for analysis
8. Inconsistent reporting formats for comparison
1. Daily management reports are generated regularly.
2. Data is automatically extracted and presented consistently for easy comparison.
3. An interactive query tool allows for in-depth analysis and discovery of underlying data trends.
4. Users can drill down to individual transactions for detailed examination.
5. Custom drill-down scenarios and advanced data visualizations can be created and saved.
6. Analysis capabilities include understanding breakeven points, profit implications of product mix changes, and cost variations.
7. Additional financial checkpoints for food costs and their impact on cash flow and profits are available.
8. Analysis helps identify issues with product mix and excessive inventory levels.
9. Service productivity metrics, such as revenue per hour and seasonal sales fluctuations, can be analyzed.
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