Case Study - Financial Service

Leading Banking Corporation

Improve Customer Service

Financial Service @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Huge communication barrier between branches and departments across boundaries
2. Prolonged information circulation process and transaction time
3. Increasing demand for better service level and customer response time
4. Difficult to comply with the regulatory compliance set by The Hong Kong Monetary Authority in relation to the dealing of clients' personal data

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 12,000+
2. Global Revenue: HK$5b+
3. A global financial institution providing comprehensive banking and insurance solutions in Asia
Customer Quote
“The product itself is superior even compared to other international brands. After experiencing the FlexWorkflow system, the stereotyping of “international brands are of better quality than local brands” no longer exists in my mind. The after sales service, one of the crucial elements determining the success of a project, is provided far more than what we expect. Whenever there is a request, FlexSystem reacts promptly which other brands can hardly be compared with.”
FlexSystem Solution
1. Workflow Management
Needs and Challenges
1. New data center in Guangzhou lowers operational costs in Hong Kong.
2. Lack of centralized system hinders data consistency and transaction time.
3. Data flow across branches and departments complicates information retrieval and tracing.
4. Manual processes with paper forms increase risks and costs.
5. Operation and administration expenses rise due to manual filing and storage.
1. Converted scattered data into valuable insights for faster decision-making
2. Self-service reporting functionality for direct user interaction with data
3. Enhanced reporting with sales performance statistics and dashboard visualizations
4. Improved information sharing, discussion, and responsiveness
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