Case Study - Financial Service

Internation Life Insurer(Claim)

Improved Claim Management Process

Financial Service @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Communication issues between branches and departments.
2. Risk of damaged or lost transaction information and paper documents.
3. Data inconsistencies without centralized version control across users and departments.
4. High operation and administration costs for manual filing.
5. Difficulty in locating and monitoring documents online.
6. Time-consuming and complex paper-based document retrieval.
7. Limited security control increases the risk of unauthorized data disclosure.
8. Transaction processing delays across departments and branches.
9. High storage costs for physical documents.

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 12,000+
2. Global Revenue: HK$5b+
3. A leading banking corporate in Hong Kong
4. Provides comprehensive retail and commercial banking services to its customers in Hong Kong, Greater China and oversea countries.
5. Operates a banking network with over 100 branches in Hong Kong and an extensive network in China.
6. Products and services include mortgage loans, credit cards, trade finance, remittances etc
FlexSystem Solution
1. Workflow Management
Needs and Challenges
FlexWorkflow offers a comprehensive document management solution for automating corporate processes.
1. Centralize business processes in a scanning center to optimize resource utilization.
2. Barcode recognition automatically determines document types and triggers corresponding workflows.
3. Solution supports various incoming formats like emails, RightFax, and core banking systems.
4. Solution meets the security standards required by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
5. Enhance management and control of business processes, including generating productivity reports.
1. Streamline business processes to boost productivity and enhance service levels.
2. Prevent information or document loss.
3. Improve customer satisfaction through transaction monitoring.
4. Easily monitor individual staff productivity.
5. Reduce operation costs across branches and departments in multiple locations.
6. Achieve a 65% improvement in average transaction time for all processes.
7. Significantly reduce average operation costs for business processes by 70%.
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