Case Study - Financial Service

Investment Holding Company

Digital Automation: Financial Consolidation and Notes to Account

Financial Service @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Automate transactional processes to cut time by 50%.
2. Allocate more time for strategic decision making and management reviews.
3. Prioritize risk management and scenario planning.
4. Reduce the need for excessive reviews in data management.
5. Streamline sub group consolidation processes.
6. Simplify labor-intensive segment reporting.
7. Enhance visibility of currency handling at all levels.
8. Develop on-demand process repeatability for better control.

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 1,500+
2. Global Revenue: US$600m+
3. Country: Asia and Indochina
4. Diversified Investment Holding Company for Power, Metal and Property
FlexSystem Solution
1. Consolidation with Notes to Account
2. Analytics and Reporting
Needs and Challenges
1. Leverage investments in existing multiple vendor accounting systems
2. Leverage existing processes to save time and reduce time on change management
3. Accelerate timely consolidation with notes across 40+ entities
4. Free time for review and planning of new accounting rule disclosure changes
5. Substantially reduce time for process
6. Improve segregation of duty and controls in processes
7. Free time for more detailed currency exposure and impact analysis
8. Web based and zero footprint
9. Ability to ensure latest forms always used for submission
10. Ability to change process with no coding including templates
11. Ability to respond quickly to change management reporting
1. Process time reduced by 80%
2. Now have real time projections with segment reporting
3. Low learning curve by leveraging the good things in existing process
4. Domain leverage by end users for iterative improvement
5. Currency management automatic
6. Auto mapping between local and consolidated chart of accounts by segment
7. Easier maintainability of % shareholding, non-controlling interest hierarchy
8. Scalable elimination mapping at group, sub group and detailed level
9. Leverage of existing Excel templates to reduce deployment time with added controls
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