Case Study - Hospitality / F&B

Property Management

Management of Multiple and Diverse Stakeholders

Property @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. To manage invoicing / cash receipts including common services for 100 buildings
2. Achieve granular management reporting at individual tenant, individual building level and by groups of buildings owned by the same investor
3. Completeness and accuracy of billings for all stakeholders
4. Administration complex and prone to error
5. Cash collection process not smooth
6. Language issues for multi off-shore stakeholders
7. No management information

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees 45,000+
2. Global Revenue US$3.5b+
3. Country: Asia Pacific
4. A global property management company providing real estate services
FlexSystem Solution
1. Business Intelligence
2. Financial Management
3. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. Buildings spread across immense geographic areas
2. Technology and communication challenges in bringing data to a common location
3. Reporting required satisfying the needs of key stake holders and in some cases to be a value added tool for the management company
4. Reports to be in multiple languages and currencies
5. No clear visibility at a granular level on a timely basis as to specific billing issues
6. No easy way to assess longer term rental trends
1. Scheduled and ad hoc management reports are generated for different locations and property owners.
2. Reports are created for groups of buildings in diverse locations.
3. Data is automatically extracted and presented consistently.
4. Users have comprehensive visibility and can drill down into groups of buildings.
5. An interactive query tool enables pattern investigation and provides deep insights for business managers.
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