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Shipping Company

Better Management of Container Rental

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Key Issues
1. Incorporate billing and invoice procedure into the flow of Container Rent-in and Rent-out business

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 4,800+
2. Global Revenue: RMB32,551M
3. Operates the diversified businesses of integrated logistics, ship management, provides storage, customs clearance and other related declaration services
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Management
2. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. No easy way to track rent in and out containers
2. Paper forms slow down the rental procedure and effect sales performance
3. Difficult for sales analysis, therefore hinders management to make decision
4. Loss of paper forms could lead to more complaints and loss of sales
1. Reduces error in payment processing by eliminating data entry, it also reduces the number of duplicate entries
2. Streamline reporting and different capabilities provides routine and ad-hoc reporting, improving overall management and decision- making
3. Ensure data imports are cleared in a timely manner
4. Streamlined container rental process brings more revenues to the business
5. Customer orders are processed quickly and efficiently
6. Allow users concurrently and simultaneously access records
7. Centralized data pool improves data integrity and accessibility
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