Case Study - Hospitality / F&B

Property Developer

Establishing a system to manage rapid growth within a diverse business environment

Property @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Building an environment to manage rapid growth and diverse business environments
2. Handling budgeting and reporting at the required level
3. Required an intuitive, easy to use reporting environment not a complex one
4. Required a system to highlight insights and information in near real time
5. Required granular segment reporting capability

Facts at a Glance
1. Country: Hong Kong and Asia
2. Extensive property portfolio
3. Operations and management in commercial, leisure, F&B, film, and entertainment ventures
4. Private equity investments
5. Innovation labs and design studios
6. Advisory services in various sectors
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Management
2. Analytics and Reporting
Needs and Challenges
1. Re-engineer the business processes to streamline operational workflows and to support the business
2. Data analysis to increasingly support group's development
1. Critical financial information in a timely manner for all important financial planning
2. Ability to pick out user trends without having to learn complex functions or programming
3. Enabled a tight rein over financial performance across all areas of operations with just a few mouse clicks
4. Simple user interface
5. Provides insightful financial information for performance analysis and management
6. Review health of business in real time
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