Case Study - Retail

Retail Chain

Real time Operational Product Analysis

Retail @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Meeting reporting needs of brand owner
2. No store to store comparison capability
3. Large dynamic data volumes
4. Reporting too slow to be strategically useful

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 40,000+
2. Global Revenue: US$12b+
3. Country: Hong Kong SAR
4. A global high end retailer with regional distribution
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Management
2. Financial Query
3. Business Intelligence
Needs and Challenges
1. Varying and different operational requirements in serving multi-brand environments
2. No or little visibility in sales and comparative store performance by brand
3. Inadequate reports generated by enterprise legacy systems
4. Fragmented data sources, overloaded and unmanaged POS data from shops
5. Poor performance issues
6. Huge data transaction volumes plus ever increasing business dynamics particularly speed
7. Intensifying competition requiring augmented complexity in analytics
8. Rising rental costs and general across the board increases
9. Requirement for increased processing speed
1. Delivered an environment for bringing together different data sources quickly
2. Implemented interactive analytics and performance management system with phased KPI reporting to dashboards, mobile, and tablets.
3. Capturing daily accounting transactions consistent with localized accounting practices
4. Significantly reduced report generation time to under 30 seconds for 1.5 million POS sales transactions.
5. Reporting available from anywhere in the region with support for ad hoc analysis
6. Ad hoc Business intelligence available quickly even with weak internet connection with the help of the Ultra Thin client technology of EIQX
7. Introduced cash saving and more cash available to flow to other business areas
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