Case Study - Retail

Retail Apparel Group

Real time Operational Product Analysis

Retail @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Massive volume of incoming emails with attached data file(s)
2. Difficulty in managing frequent amendments to data files
3. No standardization of financial statements provided by regional finance offices
4. Increasing demand for higher quality and timeliness of consolidated financial information

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 7,000+
2. Global Revenue: US$ 700M+
3. Country: Asia Pacific
4. A regional retailer and manufacturing clothing operator
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Consolidation
2. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. New data center established at Hong Kong HQ to reduce costs and risks in group consolidation.
2. Implemented standardized financial information disclosure across regional offices.
3. Group Consolidation system automatically manages and preserves all data file versions.
1. Lead time for group consolidation is greatly reduced to as low as a day
2. Less senior staff working with the Group Consolidation system are more productive
3. Sensitive group performance statistics are protected through appropriate security
4. The system can now support the expected high growth of retail branches
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