Case Study - Retail

Retail Apparel Group

Improved Retail Management

Retail @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Downloading of raw data from different system modules to Excel for data manipulation
2. Long lead times to publish reports for management
3. Cannot provide reports with interactive capability
4. Require summary to summary reports with user drill down into transactional data
5. Reporting consuming significant human resources

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 250+
2. Global Revenue: US$ 40M+
3. Country: Hong Kong & Mainland China
5. Retail operations focused on expanding the retail network
6. Manage a pool of esteemed fashion brands
7. Monitor fast-changing customer demand
8. Emphasize effective management strategies for meeting customer demands
9. Implement strategies to adapt to the evolving retail landscape and stay competitive
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Consolidation
2. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. Interactive Sell Through and CRM Report Package
2. Multi-dimension view of profitability and risk management
3. Information summarized by brand, category, location, membership group
4. Seasonal information including business hour, by week etc.
5. User defined drill down analysis including summary to summary
6. Support true multi-language for contents inside analysis summary report
7. Allow users to extend the contents of the report on-the-fly
8. Support budget planning, forecasting and variance analysis for retail operations
9. Implement separation of management reports from diversity of retail records
10. Automate standardization of records from different system modules relating to sale, purchase, inventory, membership, rental, payroll and expense
1. Effective management framework to manage fast expansion of retail network with growing number of international brands of fashion
2. User access to self-service reporting based on user rights
3. Significantly reduced lead times for reporting information together with underlying retail transactions down to within a few hours
4. Re-allocation of staff from reporting process to other key tasks
5. Ability to track the profitability, risk and customer relationship profile
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