Case Study - Retail


Ecommerce and O2O - Cosmetics

Retail @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Management of brands within a dynamic retail environment
2. A system for operational and financial management plus IFRS based reporting
3. A system that solved operational issues for stakeholders at HQ

Facts at a Glance
1. Country: Taiwan
2. Interactive Beauty Retailer including Private Label Brandso
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Consolidation
2. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. Requirement to receive real time data for sales planning
2. Requirement to match emerging sales trends with R&D development
3. An intuitive system within a modern software cloud environment
4. A low training footprint
5. Spreadsheet integration but with robust controls
1. Reduced times on transactional process from days to hours that can be used for management
2. Detailed reporting in required dimensions to pinpoint operational issues
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