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Electronics Repair Centre

Standardization of Workflow Process

Service @FlexSystem
Key Issues
With a hundred or more daily repairing cases, traditional manual document and business processing is no longer able to fulfill the continuous expansion for extensive services and internal information tracking and monitoring.
1. Communication issues between customer service and internal engineers.
2. Limited data security and increased risk of data loss.
3. Difficulty in standardizing the approval process.
4. Inability to monitor process status online.
5. Reporting challenges without system automation.
6. Difficulty in evaluating staff productivity.
7. Risk of damage or loss of paper documents.
8. High operation and administration costs.
9. Transaction processing delays between engineers.

Facts at a Glance
1. Fast-growing notebook computer distributor and repair service provider in Hong Kong
2. Partner with leading computer manufacturers including Fujitsu, LG, NEC, HP Compaq, Lenovo
3. Operates a notebook repair centre
4. Handles over a hundred cases per day at the repair centre
FlexSystem Solution
1. Workflow Management
Needs and Challenges
1. Tablet PCs used for online forms and signatures at repair center counters.
2. Elimination of paper forms in the repair service process.
3. Automated generation of terms and conditions in customer receipts.
4. Standardized approval process for all repair service transactions.
5. Centralized inventory management for computer accessories and parts.
6. Productivity reports for improved management and control.
1. Improved service levels and professional image.
2. Streamlined connection between external transactions and internal processes.
3. Automated reporting of sales, order information, customer details, recurring billing dates, and transaction details.
4. Streamlined process automation eliminates manual invoicing and simplifies payment collection
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