Case Study - Telco

Mobile Service Provider

Increase Sales and Procurement Productivity

Telco @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Tracking of physical inventory
2. Group procurement
3. Consignment stock identification
4. Procurement workflows and approvals need to be automated from fully manual processes
5. Completeness and accuracy of process hard to achieve

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 180,000+
2. Global Revenue: US$80M+
3. Country: China & Hong Kong
4. A global provider of mobile communications and associated services. 50+ Retail Shops
FlexSystem Solution
1. Trading Management
Needs and Challenges
1. Multiple Dimension tracking hard to achieve i.e. serial numbers and other Device ID
2. Data aggregation from different stores took time
3. For same stock item mixed stock types i.e. purchased / physical stock to be tracked
4. Could not easily aggregate demand statistics for future group procurement
5. Required a consistent platform for all products and services sold through 50 stores
6. Required a mechanism for checking stock against procurement
7. Required workflows for procurement and deployment of Telco towers
1. All processes now done in a consistent manner and streamlined for efficiency
2. Stock demand processes allow for management buy-in across the organization
3. Stock in and stock out now controlled more easily including consignment/ item ID's
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