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Transportation @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Huge development cost for sustaining a self-developed system
2. Lack of standardization across scattered workflows
3. Long processing time and information loss between departments and branches
4. Lack of scalability to cater for future growth in business

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 21,295+
2. Global Revenue: HK$21,144M
3. A diverse transport operator covering rail, bus and broad property based activities
Customer Quote
“With its built-in intuitive and easy-to-use design tool, we now make the process development a breeze and in an astonishingly short period of time.”
FlexSystem Solution
1. Workflow Management
Needs and Challenges
1. The self-developed system is hard to be maintained as it originates from a few people, making it less scalable and hard to be traced
2. The underperformance of current system makes it unable to handle complicated situations in real time. A flexible, consistent and customized workflow is urgently sought
3. Communication barrier and discrete process control prolong transaction time, disrupt process monitoring, and interrupt data collection and operation
4. A lack of standard process workflow results in confusion, low efficiency, heavy workload for IT department and poor managerial decision making, thus internal communication and customer satisfaction suffer
1. Before, the existing workflow system required complex programming and lacked flexibility. It was inconvenient when experienced employees were absent. Our solution is intuitive and versatile, with over 200 additional e-forms for different department needs.
2. Our comprehensive web-based workflow platform greatly improves communication among 12,000 staff members across distributed offices. This enhanced collaboration reduces transaction time and boosts productivity, leading to increased user satisfaction and a stronger brand presence.
3. Process status is now easier to monitor, productivity analysis enhanced and IT department workload reduced
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