Case Study - Utilities

Utility Company

Digital Automation: Financial Consolidation and Notes to Account

Utilities @FlexSystem
Key Issues
1. Reduce time and friction in multi-entity consolidations
2. Automate repetitive data input under high time pressure
3. Improve FX rate handling and currency reconciliation
4. Implement advanced analytics for management and controls
5. Enable analytic for entire treatment and carriage systems to leverage IOT

Facts at a Glance
1. Global Employees: 17,000+
2. Global Revenue: US$2B+
3. Country: Asia, Europe
4. Integrated Water and Environmental Company
FlexSystem Solution
1. Financial Consolidation
2. Financial Query
Needs and Challenges
1. Adopt a market-oriented approach for corporate development
2. Produce consolidated and management reports faster
3. Improve the process for implementing efficiency measures within regulations
4. Efficiently handle water-related audit practices
5. Drive fact-driven strategies through recording to reporting
6. Handle the rapid growth of hundreds of subsidiaries
7. Have the ability to handle large transaction volumes
1. Shallow learning curve with spreadsheet interface
2. Quick access to valuable information
3. Accurate and traceable fiscal consolidation treatments
4. Significant reduction in time for issuing Notes to Accounts
5. 50% reduction in staff requirements
6. Detailed reporting at various levels
7. Easy cross-checking of account balances
8. Improved quality of information for fixed assets, intangible assets, segments, and other notes
9. Easy access to financial statements by sub-group classifications
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