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Welcome to the FlexSystem website (the "Company Website"). The intention of this page is to explain the terms and conditions for using the Company Website (the "Terms of Use"). By using the Company Website, you consent to these Terms of Use and any new version of such posted since your last visit. These Terms of Use apply to any person or entity using and/or browsing the Company Website ("UserĄ¨).

All rights reserved. The FlexSystem word and design marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of FlexSystem Limited. All other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners.

Using Company Content & Services
  • FlexSystem Proprietary Rights. The Company Website may contain information, pictures, multi-media video clips, logos and other material (collectively, the "Content") that are the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of the Company, and/or its subsidiaries. The Content in the Company Website is copyrighted individually and as a collective work. You should ensure that all copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices appearing on any Content remain intact and legible. All licenses are non-exclusive.

  • Linking to the Company Website. If you operate a website, then you may not display the Content within a frame or border, or use Content located below the upper-most URL. You will not link to the Company Website or Content in a manner that suggests an endorsement or affiliation between the sites absent the written consent of the Company. You should remove any link to the Company Website that the Company finds objectionable promptly upon request. 

  • Reservation of Rights. Except as specifically authorized you may not store, copy, reproduce, adapt, reformat, create derivative works of, transmit, disseminate, publicly display or perform any copyrighted material from this Company Website.

Privacy Policy
The privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") for the Company Website is posted at the homepage. The terms of the Privacy Policy, and any future amendments to it, are hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety into these Terms of Use and subject to these terms.

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