With over 400 touch points our customers are involved in the manufacture and distribution of diverse goods with our solutions covering the control of the whole supply chain through to omni-channel retailing or alternatively the sourcing of product from third parties. From aircraft, boats and cars to electronics and avionics to all types of wearable items such as clothes, watches and glasses, not to mention the airports and ports through which they pass, global, local and regional organizations rely on FlexSystem to manage their businesses by providing them with any required multi dimensional analysis including the use of GS1 codes. With strong web service capability to integrate with freight service providers, fleet management systems we work with our customers to support their Business to Consumer (B2C), and Business to Business (B2B) relationships. The systems are built to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and are supported by our expanded solution sets including Human Resources, Financial, Trading, Business Intelligence and Workflow.

Below is a small sampling of FlexSystem solution for distribution industry; please contact us for more job cases:

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