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With over 200 proven touch points involving some of the worlds largest financial services organizations FlexSystem has highly functional and secure solution sets for the Office of the CFO including Receivables, Payables and General Ledger contained within a single system. Our sophisticated Financial Management system provides deep analysis capability allowing financial staff and where appropriate non-financial staff to gain valuable insights into their business operations through easy to use tools. Additionally purchasing that can be extended to Supplier Relationship Management supported by statistics to understand who buys what from whom and how often.

Workflows can support finance and non-financial staff for compliance, BPO or simply as a means to provide operational personnel with up to date and meaningful statistics to improve both the customer experience and operational revenues and profitability. Supported by the expanded solutions sets of Financial, Business Intelligence, Trading, Workflow and Human Resources information can be analyzed and detailed operational statistics produced to support other operational metrics.

Below is a small sampling of FlexSystem solution for Financial Service industry; please contact us for more job cases:

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