With over 50 touch points in some of the worldˇ¦s largest telco and mobile manufacturers our solutions are being used to procure 4G cell towers, procure cell phone orders from mobile retail branches thereby enabling bulk ordering from suppliers, running the finance infra-structures for multiple telco companies down to the financial management of laying fiber optic cables across China. At the other end of the spectrum we are providers of retail, finance and HR SAAS based solutions to telcos who in turn provide these solutions to their extensive customer bases. In addition we serve a multitude of start-ups who for example are delivering innovative services from multimedia entertainment to enabling a mobile user to split calls between business and personal use.

Supported by the expanded solution sets of Workflow, Human Resources, Business Intelligence and Financial with deep integration capability our solutions bring added value allowing businesses to combine data from different systems for the deeper management of key performance indicators (KPI).

Below is a small sampling of FlexSystem solution for Telco industry; please contact us for more job cases:

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