With multiple proven national and corporate touch points in the Utilities industry FlexSystem has rich cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions to cover the automation of transactional processes, together with the implementation of required controls and x-application reporting for decision support and management activities for traditional and new forms of emerging energy focused entities. With proven analytical capability that can leverage multiple types of data sources, our solution sets provides the basis for you to gain deep insights into business operations at both balance sheet and P&L level, combined with knowledge of operational dynamics. Additionally for investment companies, with ownership stakes across multiple countries, a single view of operations in both local and required currency can be produced, for example exchange reserves, with drill down by segment, sub groups, business nature and currency.

Supported by the expanded solution sets of Financial, Trading, Workflow, Human Resources, Business Intelligence and IOT and with deep integration capability with APIíŽs like Open Banking APIíŽs our solutions bring added value to Utility based organisations.

Below are some examples of FlexSystem solutions within the Utilities industry; please contact us for more job cases:

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