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EIQX is an enterprise-class query engine for all your BI needs. It provides powerful and integrated platform to easily explore, extract, transform and deliver valuable data for operational reporting, query and analysis. It enables the management to gain insight into numerous operational data and quickly identify the factors to optimize revenue and improve operational efficiency. EIQX is best fit with today's organizations who seek for unlock their data assets and improvement of overall business performance.


Multiple Data Source Support
It acts as a data integration platform that supports data extraction from heterogeneous systems across your company, such as accounting, trading, manufacturing, payroll and CRM systems. The data source format can be Sybase, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, OLE-DB, ODBC, ISAM, Excel and even unstructured data files etc., providing you an universal access to all information related to company business for comprehensive view of the performance.
Real Time Data
Changes are inevitable, and data sources are always updated. To keep pace with the constant changes of your data, EIQX can effectively manage changes and provide real time data. Data between client and server sides can be exchanged up and down in the integration platform. You just need a click or set a program to update the data automatically if source changes.
Generic Multi-Dimensional Analysis
The core of EIQX lies within its analytical power that gives you a multi-dimensional view on the data source, thus help examining the business operation from a multi-angle viewpoint. The system is empowered by the simple and powerful query statement, in which complicated queries are effectively structured into simple expression that you can have intuitive data navigation in boundless manner.
You can create and deliver a personalized dashboard environment for monitoring and analyzing metrics throughout the entire business. It is convenient to monitor, analyze and report the key performance in the dashboard based on cross-functional metrics.
Web Deployment
EIQX delivers its reporting capabilities through a zero-footprint, browser-based user interface. It allows remote user to access the data and get every single details through Internet, breaking through the traditional workplace barriers. Therefore, you are easily in touch with the business information within a web browser at anywhere, anytime.
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Agile Architecture
EIQX is specially designed to deliver high performance to address the scalability and flexibility requirements of the most demanding business environment. It supports distributed processing and load balancing, client-side catching to provide unmatched flexibility in leveraging software/hardware resources to achieve top performance during extraction, transformation and loading of the data.
Task Management
You can set up program to monitor the data and perform tasks according to the defined schedule. For example, you may set the time for data extraction and perform transformation process, and then generating the reports and email notification in a totally automatic manner.
- Easy To Use
On top of the intelligent query expression, plus Excel integration, EIQX is simple and easy to use which guarantees a minimal learning curve. Beginners with little technology background can easily learn and master every move, also generate a sophisticated report independently. It is particularly important, as the management does not need to spend extensive hours on training, but to analyze the data right away through the intuitive user interface.
Comprehensive Security
EIQX provides various security measures to ensure the data is well protected. For example, it adopts Microsoft Windows DPAPI for data encryption. It also applies user authorization down to record level, in order to define the data protection in more detailed level.
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